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“When women create superhero comics, though—as with G. Willow Wilson on Ms. Marvel—they’ve had success attracting a female audience. So Marvel’s decision to make Thor a woman, and the company’s general effort to reach out to female readers, seem like canny business moves.”

Well, except for the fact that the creative team making Thor a woman doesn’t contain one woman, of course. (From here. This has been the year for “Hey, women go to Comic-Con too?!?” pieces, it seems. See also this terrible piece.)

2009 headlines: “Did Twilight Ruin Comic-Con? Some people think so.

And: “Will Twilight Ruin This Year’s Comic-Con?

And Yahoo Answers: “What is comic-con? and how did twilight ruin it?

And the LA Weekly’s delightful headline: “Comic-Con’s Twilight Protests: Is There a Gender War Brewing?”

2011: ”This Year, Twilight Will Not Ruin San Diego Comic Con

But this year it’s okay because there’s going to be a female version of a corporate-sponsored male character written by the usual guys.  Plus, Thorette’s shoulders and parts of her belly don’t have any armor on them, another female superhero plainly created for the male gaze; with Twilight, women were asserting their own sexual thoughts, too (however messed up)— that threat is gone.  Not a hard math; just the same old lame one.

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