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I wouldn’t want to comment on that because it was something I wasn’t around for. I can’t tell why they decided to do what they did. Obviously Bob Kane came in at the same age and got a very different deal and profited hugely from Batman’s success. So who knows? They were boys of the same age, but maybe some of them were more keen to sell the rights than others. It all just takes a different business head.

Grant Morrison, pretending its some mystery how Siegel & Shuster got into a bad contract in order to explain his (a) disinterest in the lawsuits currently ongoing, and (b) participation in a project that may have been designed to reduce Superman’s corporate parents having to pay money to Siegel & Shuster’s heirs.  (Which project I expect will be of his usual high quality and which I’m totally on board with reading— Morrison still being Morrison, and everyone else still being, you know, not nearly as good).  Conventional wisdom is that Bob Kane had a family member who had experience with contracts in some capacity— to my recollection, it’s never exactly been presented as some great unsolved mystery, and I haven’t just completed writing a goddamn book on the subject.

I guess I was just lucky to have grown up in a time when the people who made comics sought out personal brands for themselves other than “company stooge.” That bit of branding wasn’t on the job description back then, but it was a different time— see, e.g., Sheila E.  But oh well, time marches on, and fuck you for not being nice enough, Alan Moore, wherever you are…

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