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What comics fandom looks like to me


Imagine that every time you said the word “movie” you could count on a significant portion of your audience picturing the Universal monsters; unless they were extra-sophisticated cinephiles, in which case they thought of the Hammer versions.

Imagine that movie theaters were grungy, unwelcoming holes in the walls of weird areas of town that were hard to get to and that there were fewer and fewer of them every year

"Boy, the food at this place is really terrible." The other one says, "Yeah, I know, and such small portions." — convicted (by the Internet) criminal Woody Allen.

I apologize in advance if this is a little on the cruel side, but:  Imagine that Warren Ellis in March of 2000 wrote an essay for one of the “monster movie” websites where he complained “what if the history of books were all just nurse novels?”  Imagine that was a pretty dumb metaphor back then (though in his defense he was at least engaged in a purposeful rhetoric, i.e. he was selling shit / himself/ etc.). Imagine how it’s only gotten to be a fucking dumber thing to talk about after the subsequent 14 years of achievements of hard working people in key roles expanding the scope of comics with reprints of classical material, the rise of the literary graphic novel, an influx of foreign material, a vibrant art comics scene, etc.  (“Dumb ideas that are more than 10 years old” is what comics in general looks like to me, so that’s a fun coincidence, at least).

Regardless of the question of who the true author is for your 14 year old ideas or how original your 14 year old ideas are (because who cares who thought of something first— ideas are free and should be free), imagine someone created an internet where anyone can talk about anything they want to; imagine there’s a billion ways to do that. Imagine that people who loved monster movies then proceeded to talk about monster movies.  Imagine that all those other people finally given the opportunity to talk about anything else, anything else at all that struck their fancy, instead just spent their time complaining not even about monster movies but about monster movie fans …

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