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What we thought the Internet would look like in the 80s…footage from NEUROMANCER, Interplay’s Commodore 64 Game of William Gibson’s Novel.  Soundtrack by Devo!

I loved this game.  I was away from home at this thing, and this was one of the games they had (dodgy selection), and played it one night as late as I could— I’d just gotten into cyberspace when I had to quit.  I went and tracked down the novel after I played it, and you know: years got spent reading all that stuff, back when cyberpunk was a thing.  (The last science fiction novel I read— it had, like, metaphors for facebook in it; “what if people had privacy settings” stuff;  Gibson and Stephenson both just started writing about the present mostly, the present being sufficiently weird— I have Stephenson’s new one on my floor but in the middle of other books, plus it’s really hard to say “this is a good time for a 1000 page novel”; Sterling became a journalist/futurist mostly— his nonfiction book on design was quite interesting; Laidlaw who was one of my favorites, The 400 Boys and all that, became a videogame writer— wrote those Valve games; there doesn’t seem to be much happening in that part of the bookstore at the moment but maybe I don’t know the proper places to look).  

Years and years and years later, I found an abandonware copy after I graduated college and spent a weekend going through it.  Good times.  I don’t know if I’d say the game changed my life or anything but … some time sure got spent on vectors I guess this game put me on.

(I don’t like being a person that plays computer games, at all, the sloth of them, but re: games, I’ve quite enjoyed Tomb Raider (a little long but great beginning), Bioshock Infinite (except the parts that are actually a game where you shoot things— I just really liked the parts that are walking around and listening to children sing pop music; I wish that were the entire game— Bioshock: Langley Schools Music Project; plus the ending, I very much liked the ending) and Gunpoint (little puzzle indie) this year).

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