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Oh, I missed this before— July was the fifth anniversary of Paul Pope promoting “Battling Boy (Book 1).” Here is the book being announced in 2007. Here he is in 2008 promoting a 50-page fight scene— here in 2008 is also when the option got bought by Paramount.  Here in 2009 is where they announced one of the screenwriters for the Watchmen movie was working on a movie version of a comic that has never come out. Here he is in 2010: “my editor Mark Siegel and I are getting a lot of pressure from higher-up to get this thing done ASAP.”  Here’s First Second denying rumors in 2011 that Brad Pitt’s kids will be in the movie version of a comic that has never come out.  Here he is in 2011 insisting that Battling Boy has a release date but it’s up to First Second to say when that is, while promoting Legendary Comics the comic company that is also a company that makes movies.  And here in 2012 is First Second refusing to give the book a release date, but insisting that the last pages were coming in.  I bet the Making-Of story about that book is  better than that comic is ever going to be, but not as good as the movie version.  P.S. they’re still calling it “Book 1” in 2012.

EDITED: Oh wait— I was wrong. The 6th anniversary was in March— it was first announced in March 2006.  

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    !!! This sucks !!! Shit. Well at least Paul isn’t starving or not making anything. Time flies…!
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    Looking forward to the redrawn and colored (?) THB, to be released never. I wish the old back issues weren’t so...
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