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I kept handing it out, and Manson said, “Your artwork is f**king horrible! My god!” [Laughs] Then I went back to the drawing board, and really started drawing a narrative to do this. I came up with this story called “Cyclical,” which is a nihilist Easy Rider comic… That’s where it started, and… I don’t know, man, there’s something kind of beautiful for a guy coming out of these big, big films that I make; you make art with fifty people. You get away from that, you make a music video, you’re making art with twenty people. When you can sing alone in the shower, there’s something f**king beautiful about that, and what I like about doing this is… I don’t get micromanaged.
Shia LaBeouf, who’s getting kind-of shit on there this week by the internet for making comics.  What the heck is that all about?  Good for him. I hope he doesn’t help old people make any more fake Indiana Jones movies, but good for him.

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