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"CBR: Being part of Legendary Pictures, I would imagine the properties you look at for Legendary Comics have at least some potential to become films. How important is that in the process?

Bob Schreck: Basically my edict from Thomas Tull, the head honcho of Legendary Pictures and Comics, when I started was to make a great, four square, solid comic book, first. We can’t do things that are just generated to become film IPs, we have to make a book that is a book, it has to work in the graphic storytelling and sequential art, it’s got to play to the strengths of comics. 

CBR: I would imagine that Legendary Comics has a lot of properties it’s looking at and developing. What made “The Tower Chronicles” pop out as the next thing to push after releasing “Holy Terror?”

Bob Schrek: We just opened up a TV division.”

  — I’ve been writing on a when-I-feel-like-it basis these News Roundups for Tucker Stone’s Comics of the Weak, which I’ve been reading since… since whenever Dirk Deppey linked to them, a million years ago. I contributed to this one, this one and this one.  This feels like a good time to mention that. So, more on this abundance of riches later probably…

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