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I always had this theory— especially after I finally saw some of that Sekowsky stuff; I really dig Sekowsky, in general— that they should do Wonder Woman like Buffy, or Doctor Who or the way people talk about Bond. Just kill her off every so often; don’t make that character invulnerable “always win” character; don’t give her any superpowers at all; just make her some girl who won a tournament to leave her island paradise and go on a suicide mission to save the outside world from itself, knowing that the lady before her didn’t make it out alive and doing it anyways, even though all they give her is some stupid bracelets and a damn rope.  Have Wonder Woman regenerate and just be a mantle people assume, different kinds of people, and you can build some suspense into the franchise in a way other characters don’t have, while maintaining the franchise’s key elements…

It’s impossible in practice though— the rotation would raise timeline issues (given the shifting timelines those comics rely on), plus DC’s constantly rebooting so it’d get too confusing, plus it’s inconsistent with the licensing so the end…  

In conclusion, this is the kind of thing I think about, using my mind.  All is lost!

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