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A New York City real estate heir who admitted killing his neighbor a decade ago in Texas is facing a new charge in Houston that accuses him of urinating on candy at a drug store.

In 2001, Durst was arrested as a fugitive and admitted killing his neighbor and dumping the remains in Galveston Bay. He claimed self-defense and was acquitted of homicide charges. Durst’s family runs The Durst Organization, a privately held billion-dollar real estate company that owns several New York skyscrapers.

Courtesy of Fox 13 Tampa Bay.  

Holy shit, this guy’s Wikipedia page is fucking crazy. First of all, his wife has been “disappeared” for the last 18 years.  Also a lady who was his long-time friend who was believed to have knowledge of his wife’s “disappearance” was found murdered “execution-style”— “Durst was questioned in both cases but not charged.”  So, there’s that.

He then moved to Texas in 2000 and “began cross-dressing to divert attention from the disappearance” of his wife.  Then, they started finding body parts of his elderly neighbor in Galveston Bay.  He gets arrested, released on bail, becomes Ameria’s first “Billion-dollar fugitive” until he gets caught at a Wegmans in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania “trying to steal a chicken sandwich and a Band-Aid, even though he had $500 cash in his pocket. A police search of his rented car yielded $37,000 in cash, two guns, marijuana and [his murder victim’s] driver’s license.”  Then, he goes on trial, admits “to using a paring knife, two saws and an axe to dismember" his neighbor’s body, but claims he shot his elderly neighbor in the face in self-defense, and a Texas jury buys it and acquits him!  He gets some minor amount of time because of “destroying evidence” (i.e. dismembering his neighbor’s body), gets parole almost immediately, and then violates parole almost immediately.  His own brother: “He’ll kill again, I have no doubt, the question is who is next?”

Then, he bought a townhouse in Harlem (located next to a mortuary!) and now he publicly urinates on candy.  Because ha ha he’s rich and this is America.

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This is a Fox 13 Tampa Bay blog now.  My heart belongs to Fox 13 Tampa Bay.  I have a lady in my life and her name is Fox 13 Tampa Bay.  I have a love in my life that makes me stronger than anything you can imagine, unless you live in Tampa Bay.

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Dozens of people reportedly watched—and a grandmother took video—while a couple had sex on Florida’s Bradenton Beach for nearly 25 minutes. Then, witnesses say, they slept “for hours” before going right back to fucking.

"I’ve lived here since 1978 and I go to the beaches and I’ve never seen anything like this," [the grandmother] told Fox 13 Tampa Bay.

"We thought they were dead, but when they woke up, they cuddled for a while, then started into the same thing they did before."

The most affecting thing about this story to me is “Fox 13 Tampa Bay.”  My god.  Just imagine it.  

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The leader of a New Age consciousness and enlightenment school, who channels the voice of a 35,000-year-old Lemurian warrior when speaking to her followers, is suing two former students after they posted a drunken rant by her saying Jews have enough money to “have paid their way out of the goddamned gas chambers by now,” and Mexicans breed “like rabbits,” among other slurs [e.g. “all gay men were once Catholic women.”]

Knight delivered her speech while students followed her in a drinking game, taking a drink of wine every time she did. Wine ceremonies have been a ritual at RSE since 1996, where students are taught to believe that wine grapes were brought to Earth by extraterrestrials 450,000 years ago.

JZ Knight, born Judith Darlene Hampton in 1946 in Roswell, New Mexico., encountered Ramtha the warrior in 1977 while experimenting with construction paper pyramids. According to her biography, she placed a pyramid on her head and Ramtha, a 7-foot-tall apparition of golden glitter clad in a purple robe, appeared in her kitchen.

According to RSE officials, actresses Salma Hayek and former “Dynasty” star Linda Evans are current students.
35,000 Year Old Lemurian Salma Hayek Instructors are Racist Anti-Semites.  I really thought you didn’t have to worry about the Lemurians, minorities, but nope, the Lemurians don’t have your back either!  I thought you at least had the Lemurians on your side.  Damn.  "I don’t want my children marrying one of them" - Crom.  


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There’s so many murders for hire in Texas! These guys, rich men, millionaires and billionaires, who for one reason or another had their wives and mistresses murdered, went to trial and got off. There’s a very famous lawyer, quite up in years now, who defended a lot of these guys, his name is Richard “Racehorse” Haynes, and the mythology was that these millionaires would come to him before they killed their wives to get legal advice from him on how to do it: where they had to be, what alibis they needed. They never did it themselves of course, but there was a rash of it.

William Friedkin.  Racehorse got a billionaire called Cullen Davis off on a murder charge where people witnessed him committing murder and then a subsequent murder-for-hire charge (where he was recorded hiring someone to murder a judge).  From his Wikipedia page:

At a late 1970s American Bar Association seminar in New York, Mr. Haynes explained how to plead in the alternative:

Say you sue me because you say my dog bit you. Well, now this is my defense:

  • My dog doesn’t bite.
  • And second, in the alternative, my dog was tied up that night.
  • And third, I don’t believe you really got bit.
  • And fourth, I don’t have a dog.

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I had an interpreter, and when [Vladimir Putin] was showing me his office I said, ‘It’s amazing what capitalism will do, won’t it? A magnificent office!’ And he laughed. As I turned, I was this close to him. I said, ‘Mr. Prime Minister, I’m looking into your eyes, and I don’t think you have a soul.’ ” And he looked back at me, and he smiled, and he said, ‘We understand one another.’
Joe Biden

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Meanwhile, Simpsons EP Al Jean revealed that The Simpsons-Futurama crossover episode in November is being overseen by team Simpsons. Jean also teased that Krusty Clown might die in the Sept. 28 season opener. Joked Jean, “Actually The Simpsons crossover we’re doing is with Scooby-Doo where they don’t find Casey Kasem’s body.”
From a Deadline Hollywood article on romantic comedies.

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The Rite-Aid receipt for a Mr. Goodbar is bigger than the Mr. Goodbar.  The back of this receipt is drenched in red tape about Rite Aid’s return policy in case I decide that this Goodbar is too patriarchal a confection for our times, presumably.

The Rite-Aid receipt for a Mr. Goodbar is bigger than the Mr. Goodbar. The back of this receipt is drenched in red tape about Rite Aid’s return policy in case I decide that this Goodbar is too patriarchal a confection for our times, presumably.